Matilde Renacer Corona

Matilde Renacer Corona Dirty Old Man Cigars cigar reviews
5 1/2 X 44
Ecuadoran Habano
Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic & Nicaragua

Quote from the Matilde Cigar website:
"I am passionate about smoking cigars and have dedicated 40 years of my life to the cigar industry. I am now tapping my deep roots in the Domincan Republic to revive a forgotten brand called Matilde.Tabacalera la Matilde is a unique boutique cigar factory where I am free to make cigars in my own way. I lead a small team focused exclusively on bringing you the best cigar experience in the world. Matilde is the satisfaction of my life’s dream. It is my great pleasure to share it with you."
- Jose Seijas

This cigar has an oily medium brown colored wrapper. Firm solid pack. Smooth tight wrapper. Hay and mild tobacco aromas coming off the foot. Mild tobacco with a hint of molasses sweetness coming on the pre-light draw.
The draw is good providing plenty of smoke. Mild tobacco and sweet syrupy flavor come on the draw. The finish is oily with a thick chewy mouth feel. After about an inch, the sweetness calmed way down and the finish smoothed out. The finish is still oily, just not thick. At the half way point, a slight tingle comes on the retro hale and a little bit of a zing comes on the finish followed by a leather note. No further changes the rest of the way.
The Matilde Renacer Corona is a very good cigar. Great construction and performance. Good draw and burn down to the nub. Simple yet flavorful smoke. I have to hand it to Jose Seijas , his passion for cigars really shines through with this cigar.
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